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I have to buy a furnace before next winter and need to decide how to finance it. Any suggestions?

See if the HVAC company has financing. Make sure you get an energy star system installed.

You should be able to deduct some of the expense on your taxes for upgrading to a more energy efficient heating/air system. 

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How should I finance my new furnace? 

Some city's give upwards of 10,000 for repair and fix up (depending on the age of the house) and you do not have to pay back until you sell.

Ask the HVAC company that is doing the repairs or installation, if they have any financing programs.

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Many who are faced with the decision to make an expensive repair on their home furnace contemplate whether or not it's time to replace rather than repair it. Here are some tips on how to make that decision.

1- Is your existing furnace at least 80% efficient? Older furnaces may have efficiencies as low as 60% and that means if the repair estimate approaches one-fourth the cost of a new furnace it may be time to replace it. Consider the furnace operating at near 60% efficiencies. Replacing this furnace with a 95% efficient model will save 35% on your heating bill. If you pay, on average, $1200 dollars a year to heat your home, the savings is about $420 dollars per year. Remember, each year utilities tend to go up so this number will increase over time.

Now factor in the repair estimate for your furnace. Lets say the repair will cost $650 dollars. At this level, you're close to $1070 dollars toward a new furnace after the first year's energy savings are figured in. Factoring yearly energy increases and this new furnace will most likely pay for itself within four years. This estimate is somewhat conservative since it doesn't consider other expenses such as the potential for additional furnace repair bills.

2- Will your old furnace continue to be safe? This is an important question worth giving some time to, however, we should be careful about salesman who play to hard on this point. Many older furnaces will run just fine without any major safety concerns. The advantage of newer furnaces is that they have additional safety features built into their normal operation. Integrated circuit boards help monitor many aspects of the combustion process and will alert homeowners if problems are detected. Furnaces that are fairly old don't have these features.

3- Reliability-how important is it for you to know your furnace has a good chance of working without problems? If reliability is important to you than consider replacing your furnace. There is a point when a vehicle has so many miles that it may not be worth rebuilding the engine. The point being, what happens to your pocket book if one year later $650 dollars is needed to repair an additional furnace component? Rebuilding an engine on an old car may be the right thing to do but remember there are other components to consider as well.

There are times in life when purchasing a new furnace is simply not a financial option. If this is the case make sure you communicate this to your heating and cooling company. You may find options available that you had not considered such as in house financing.

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Use of heating system is an important factor that contributes to the monthly heating costs. In this regard, it becomes important for the homeowners to think for energy efficient residential furnace models as this will help in lowering energy bills as well as offering better climate control.

As far as furnace installation services are concerned, the service providers can help the owners for diverse furnace projects including furnace installation services, repair, replacement and maintenance of furnaces.

Through this article, we will discuss on different aspects of commercial water heater and furnace services. Check out the points below:


The performance, efficiency and lifespan of the furnace are equally dependent on the quality of products and the expertise of a professional furnace installation service provider. The professionals go through a thorough furnace installation inspection followed by analyzing the air duct work to serve the clients with best system that fits their needs.

Repair and replacement

The experts carry all kinds of tools and equipment to repair any make, model or type of heating system quickly and efficiently. Before going for repair, the technicians consider analyzing the actual problem and discuss various repair alternatives with the clients.

The expected lifespan of commercial water heater or furnace is around 15-20 years. Furnace replacement experts remove old furnace and change it with the new one that will last for longer. One should check if heating bills are going out of control, the replacement is the best possible solution. The fact is new furnaces are efficient than the older ones, thus the better solution would be to replace the existing furnace with the new one rather than upgrading it time to time.


Regular maintenance other than repair or replacement tasks is an ideal way to have a check if your furnace is working reliably to heat the home throughout the winter. Moreover, regular maintenance is a nice way to make sure all components of the furnace system are in good condition and thus it reduces the chances of any repairs or replacements time to time.

The service providers schedule the furnace inspection as per the comfort and routine of the clients to save the furnace from any kind of long lasting damage or replacement needs.

Furnace is one of the major appliances needed in home that provides heat to different rooms through use of steam, air and hot water movement. Thus, one is required to go for furnace installation services along with repair, replacement and maintenance on time.

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