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Furnace Repair Financing Beaverton

Should you actually Replace your furnace?

In addition to roof replacement and fresh paint jobs, among the list of last issues a property owner really wants to find out is that they require a new furnace. Even though it does not look like much in your attic or crawl space, changing a furnace means getting ready to invest from $3-$5 thousand dollars. The amount of time a furnace last can vary. A furnace that's been taking care of could keep working as long as 2 decades. Therefore when your furnace dies and you really need to buy a brand new one, you are looking at changing a mechanical and electronic equipment that may be almost 20 years old, which happens to be an eternity in these present times. Let's say this year your furnace is finally dead. Chance are, it was designed and installed back in the early 90s or late 80s. In those ancient times, a good furnace had an efficiency rating of about 60-80%, which means that 80% of your natural gas or oil burnt went to heat your home, and the rest was lost as waste heat up your chimney or vent. So you go shopping for a new furnace today, and you see 90, 92, 94, even 95% efficiency measurements on these innovative new furnaces. What should you research and buy?

How to pick the right furnace

There are plenty of variables that go into choosing the proper furnace to install. Particularly when selecting a furnace to handle the cold temperature in Detroit. If you were to look into any furnace, you will find that most of them use the same suppliers for major parts like heat exchangers, blower motors, electrical circuit boards, etc. Very similar to purchasing a personal computer, manufacturers mix each one of these elements and put their company name upon them, but they're 90% exactly the same inside and out. The largest names in the furnace business are usually Lennox, Tempstar, and Coleman. Trane makes the well-known XV90, that provide 90-94% efficiency. They are 2 stage furnaces with variable speed blowers. Many 2-stage furnaces function at the reduced speed (65%) about 80% of the time, you will see this savings on your gas bill. For Trane, their particular units are as follows: Trane XV90 is top of the line, using adjustable speed blower and 2 stage burner; the XL90 has a 4 speed blower and 2 stage burner; the XT90 has a high efficiency blower and single stage burner; and the XR90 has a 4 speed blower and single stage burner. Trane, which is part of American Standard, has been making furnaces for more than 80 years. Carrier makes the Infinity series of furnaces, including the Infinity 96 gas furnace, Performance 93, Infinity 80, Comfort 92, and comfort 90. As you can guess, the number refers to the AFUE efficiency rating of the furnace. Rheem makes the Prestige RGGD series, RGPR, RGLR, 90TJ, RGPQ, RGLQ, RGTK, 90RJ, and 80PJ furnaces. Some of the Rheem furnaces are 3-stage burners.

Getting New Furnace Installed

Installing a furnace is not something for the average do-it-yourself-er. It may appear to be something that wouldn't take long, but it can potentially take 2 technicians a full 8 hour day to remove an old furnace and put in a new one, including ventilation, drainage, electrical hook up, gas hookup, etc. When it comes to installation, you need to be sure you have a very solid, skilled, reputable installation technician. Even though you may have a top of the line furnace, if it wasn't installed properly it will give you poor performance over time. Our installer actually provided a 2 year warranty on their work - they would come and remove the furnace at any time within the next 24 months and give you all your money back if you weren't happy with it,.. When it comes to guarantees, most furnaces are usually guaranteed for five years for all parts, with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty relating to the heat exchanger.

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